Rolling Hills Condo Market Updates March 2018

So we are already 3 months into the new year again and here are the market updates for the Rolling Hills Condo community.  Rolling Hills Condos had only 2 sales in the last 3 months ranging from a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom that sold for $124,000.00 and a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom that sold for $159,900.00 .  Usually the 1st part of the year is the slowest in regards to sales and rentals in this area since most properties tend to come on the market around April through July when most students are graduating and or moving out.

Rented Condos In Rolling Hills

There have been 3 total condos that have been rented on the MLS during the first quarter of 2018. There were 2 condos both 2 bedrooms 2 bathroom units that rented for $1250.00 per month and a remodeled unit that rented for $1700.00 per month.  One was in the 3001 Building and the other two condos were located in the 3100 Building.  The condo in Rolling Hills that rented for $1700.00 per month was a nicely remodeled unit with a few pictures shown below.

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